Parents Buying Guide

A Parent’s Guide to Buying the Perfect Baby Stroller


Products are becoming increasingly advanced with innovative designs and enhanced functionality.The world of Baby Strollers is an example of such advancements and parents are always searching for the best strollers for their baby.With so many types out there, finding the perfect stroller can be challenging. The most important step to take is doing some research first and we have included some helpful tips and an overview of the different kinds of strollers available.

Before you begin your research, it may be useful to take some time to think about certain questions that you may have regarding your baby’s stroller.

·What are your needs when it comes to a stroller? Will you be using it for walking, jogging, shopping, or traveling?

·Are you interested in complex designs or more practical and simple ones?

·Will you be looking for extra features such as storage space?

·What safety features are important for you?

Once you begin your research, you will be able to answer these questions and determine which strollers will meet the needs of both you and your baby.

Essential Factors to Consider for Baby Strollers

Baby Strollers are one of the most useful items that parents will take advantage of during the first few years of parenthood.A baby stroller is the number one companion for travelling, running errands, doing shopping and for going on walks when the weather is nice.As a result, every stroller is different but they all have a handful of essential components that are designed and constructed in certain ways to accommodate to a range of needs.We have laid out some important aspects of a stroller that you may want to look into in order to understand strollers and make a more informed choice.

·Safety Features: Your baby’s safety always comes first, especially when it comes to baby strollers.Strollers all come with safety belts, but a five-point harness system is the best one.This harness system is suitable for infants and babies who spend a lot of time in strollers and can start moving around.If your baby sees an enticing toy, you want to be assured that they will not fall out of the seat because of their excitement.Stability is key especially if you hang shopping bags or handbags over the handles.The last thing a parent wants is a stroller that falls backwards with the baby inside.Other safety concerns include breaks and any sharp objects protruding from corners and edges of the stroller.

·Wheels and Maneuverability: When researching strollers, make note of the different types of wheels that are available.Some wheels are large air tires while others are smaller ones.While strollers normally come with four wheels, there are some that are 3-wheeled.Maneuverability is the key factor for strollers because you want a smooth ride for your baby and a comfortable stroller to push.Your stroller should be able to make turns and reverse with ease.

·Baby Seat: The seat of the stroller should be comfortable for the baby and have reclining capabilities. Some strollers have 3 or 5 point reclining systems.

·Handles: Handles are important for parents and should be comfortable to the touch.Many strollers come with foam covered handles for added cushion when gripping.Manufacturers build strollers while keeping in mind that people have different heights and therefore allow the handles to adjust to any height.

·Added Features: Most strollers come with extra features including storage baskets.Others include trays, toy bars, snack holders, rain covers, diaper bags and canopies.

·Storing away: When you are not using your stroller, a folding system is a convenient feature for storing away your stroller in a closet or trunk easily and efficiently.This folding system is also beneficial for travelling.

As a parent or caregiver, you can research these aspects of strollers in the varieties that you find.If you are at the store, test out some of these essential factors to make sure that they meet your needs and have the best quality.

Types of Baby Strollers

To help narrow down your research and make your quest for the best baby stroller more informative, we have provided an overview of the various strollers out there.

Standard Strollers: These strollers are the most versatile and functional. Standard strollers provide plenty of space for the baby, storage room, and efficient wheels.They also feature toy bars, snack trays, reclining seats and sun shades.While these baby strollers can fold away, they often take up more space and are heavier for lifting.They also may not be suitable for crowded conditions as they are on the larger side of the spectrum.

Lightweight Strollers and Umbrella Strollers: These two strollers are the lightest types and are best for travelling or going for quick walks.While umbrella kinds are older versions, the lightweight ones feature innovative designs.You can find ones that include reclining seats and storage baskets.Generally, umbrella strollers do not have reclining seats which may not be appropriate for infants.

Jogging Strollers: For parents who enjoy jogging or walking with their baby, these strollers are beneficial as a backup.They are best for babies over six months old and have quality suspension systems, sturdy and large tires and hand grip brakes.Due to potential bumpy rides, safety is important with these types as well.

Multi-Baby Strollers: These strollers are highly accommodating for parents who have more than one child and can be versatile enough to meet each baby’s needs.You can find double or triple strollers depending on the number of children you have.

Travel System Strollers:Travel Systems feature a standard stroller with the added benefit of an infant car seat for parents with infants.When the baby gets older, this stroller can be used as a regular one as well.

Strollers have gone beyond a basic design and concept to include features and systems that can suit any lifestyle.A baby should be able to sit comfortably in a stroller, play with toys, enjoy the surroundings and even sleep while the parent or caregiver takes care of any tasks. We want you to find the perfect stroller for you and your baby so we have provided some important information to review in order to begin researching the types of strollers available in the market and what each stroller can accomplish for you.





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